URI Math Placement System

URI Math Department Permission Number Waiting List

Due to the high demand for enrollment in MTH courses, we are maintaining a waiting list for permission numbers. Before requesting a place on the waiting list, please read through the following permission number policies.

  • Please remember that, as MTH courses are required for many programs, the large demand for these course is because many people need to take this course for their majors.

  • Instructors will not issue permission numbers for individual sections at this time.

  • We can't guarantee that everyone on the waiting list will receive a permission number for their first choice of section, or at all. We will do our best based on the resources we have.

  • Often, seats open up in e-Campus as other students adjust their schedules. We strongly suggest that you keep an eye on the schedules and register for any open section that you see that fits your schedule.

  • Permission numbers will likely not be issued until just before the semester begins. Once we have determined the best way to distribute them, we will contact you by email. There's no need to contact us to ask when permission numbers will be issued. We will do everything we can to place you in a section.

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